ApostleProphetess Rosalind Solomon

Prophetess Rosalind Solomon She is a self Publish Author. Owner and Ceo Of Elohim Self -Publishing Book Service/  Pastor and Prophetess, Evangelist, Guest Speaker Life Coach and Ex Radio Show Host @
show on Internet Radio. Prophetess Holds a degree in Bible Studied from Ames International Bile College also she spends  two years studied @ Liberty University in Lynchburg Va. And is also Certified in
Certified Relationship Life Coach. She is a passionate writer at best.
Apostle Prophetess Rosalind Solomon was once also the host of the Show Prophetic Voice of Yahuveh Show for three and a half years.And WPEPRADIO.COM for  good while as well . Prophetess is also a self-publish author with 75 Christian  books under her Godly Filled Belt so to speak. @

Also the Author of the book named How to find your Godly Spouse and The Beauty within you book for woman all And The Secrets To Gods Heart and Bible Money Treasure Book Unlocking The Mystery Of Dreams and many more 


"A life of peace, purity in God and refinement leads to a calm and untroubled Divine Destiny"