All of Apostle Rosalind Solomon Books are about getting closer to God Yahuveh Elohim and the Holy Spirit Ra Ha Kadesh and Yahushua Jesus. Teaching the saints how to become watcher on the wall and become skill warrior in the spirit real and here on the natural realm as well.

Apostle Rosalind Solomon books also teach you how to pray walk right with God to the best of your ability. Make you stronger in your walk with God and become so close with God. Also teach you how to obey God to the best of your ability as well.Apostle Rosalind Solomon Books. Will also teach you many hidden secrets already in the bible secret about the spiritual realm satan and his demons and kingdom and other species that was created by God that turn with satan work with him,
Apostle Rosalind Solomon Books reveal unknow things about God and the Holy Spirit and Yahushua JESUS AS WELL AND Gods heavenly host and angels who he uses to help us.
Apostle Rosalind Solomon books also helps you to want to read the bible the word of God and grow closer to God and want to fight back to the enemy to get your stuff back and family he has stolen from you as well.

Apostle Rosalind Solomon Books also teach you about your dreams how to know from God or satan dreams how to cancel demonic dreams and so much more her books to you. I pray you enjoy them as so many already have in Yahushua Jesus name. God bless you